About Me

Welcome to Tracy Says...!  This is my little place for me to share who I am, what I love, and most importantly...my paper crafting obsession!
My name is Tracy and I am in my mid-30's. I am married to my wonderful and supportive husband, Jason, and we have one amazing son named Korbin who is in his mid-teens.  I fully support my family's interests just as much as they support mine.  My husband loves the sport of motorcycle racing.  We are huge MotoGP fans.  He loves all types of motorcycle racing such as AMA, World Superbike, and the Isle of Mann TT races (I'm sure there are more.)  Jason also owns a Yamaha R6 and recently sold his Ducati 999.  Jason takes his R6 to track days where he races it in the summer time...for fun.  He is also becoming a big fan of Formula 1 racing.  I am lucky that Jason loves wood working as well...I end up getting some neat holders for organizing my stash!  Our son, Korbin, is really in to anime and manga.  He has a slight obsession with Japanese culture at the moment.  He loves Vocaloid music and going to anime conventions.  He loves dying his hair crazy colors and loves video games. 

I am an avid paper crafter.  I started out scrapbooking in 2007 when my family moved to NW Indiana.  I met a lovely neighbor who was a scrapbooker and she introduced me to this wonderful world.  She had a Cr*cut die cutting machine and I was super impressed with what it could make.  At first I would meet up at her house on Friday mornings to scrapbook with her and her friends...and that is where I learned a lot about new tools and techniques.  Not too long after that I was starting to stock up on supplies and purchased my first baby Bug (the smaller Cr*cut machine.)  After about a year, I upgraded the baby Bug to the Expression.  My scrap room started out in one of the smaller spare bedrooms in our house and I finally accumulated enough stuff that I needed a bigger space...plus I wanted to be able to have my friends over to scrap with me.  We have a finished "living room" in our basement that the boys  were supposed to use as "The Mancave" but they never used it so hubby agreed to let me take it over and it is called "The Scrapcave."  After moving to the Scrapcave I went a little crazy with buying paper and supplies.  I would definitely consider myself a paper addict!  I can't pass up cute or cool looking paper!  I ended up accumulating about 75 Cr*cut cartridges and a Gypsy.  Not too long after that I began to notice of greedy of a corporation Prov* Craft (the maker of the Cr*cut brand) is and was tired of all their exclusive clubs and such and decided I would take a break from buying their product.  In the meantime, I ended up purchasing Make the Cut (MTC) for my Cr*cut and then ended up winning Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) from SVG Cuts in a contest.  A few months after that Prov*Craft began going sue crazy and I have since boycotted buying their products.  This didn't really bother me all too much because during this same time (around October 2010) I was introduced to Copic markers and digital stamps (through different groups and blogs I followed online.)  I fell deeply for Copics and digi's!  I was never much of a card maker until I started using them.  Up until that point I only focused on scrapbooking.  I became a huge fan of Tiddly Inks stamps and still love them to this day.  Early in 2011 I was asked to become a temporary guest designer for my two favorite digi companies...Tiddly Inks and Spesch Designer Stamps.  I was so honored to be asked by them!  However, about the time my guest DT times ended I was pretty burnt out of crafting and was feeling like I was neglecting my family.  Between crafting, blogging, and facebooking...it seemed like I never saw my family.  I took off about six months from crafting and maybe made two cards in that time.  When I went back to crafting (around September 2011) I made sure to be able to balance my crafting/computer time with family time.  So, I don't craft and blog as much as I used to...but some periods are much more productive than others.  Most recently, I have purchased a Silhouette Cameo die cutting machine and am still learning the ropes on how it works.  It seems to do some pretty cool things...but I especially love the intricate cuts I get with it!!!  It cuts things that my old machine could not.

Other things that I love in life are art (especially impressionist art), spirituality, music, learning new things, history, science, photography, and talking to people/hanging with friends.  I think of myself as a sweet person who likes to be helpful whenever I can.  I am sappy, have a big heart, and easily cry at most tv shows and movies.  As much as I am a softy, I don't consider myself someone who takes shit from rude people and I tend to have my bitchy moments.  When I'm feeling particularly moody...I can cuss like a sailor (but I really try to be respectful of others...so I'm trying to cut back.) I love my three kitty cats!!!  I would love to travel more...but that requires money.  I dream about going to Europe.  Music is very important to me.  I love a variety of music from heavier music, alternative, emo/screamo, and punk...to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and anything jazzy (and pretty much everything in between besides country music and I don't care for 80's hair bands...even though I loved them back in the day.)  I have noticed that as I'm getting older I do listen to more contemporary type music.  But there are times that I still think I am 17 and want to rock out to something.  lol  Other info that I like to mention is that I have moved around a lot.  I grew up in northern Illinois, then moved down south...eventually making my way to Ocala, Florida where I spent most of my adult life.  After our house being hit by a couple of hurricanes in 2004 and dealing with the long periods of heat and humidity (which I couldn't stand)...we decided to head back up north and ended up in Madison, Wisconsin where we absolutely loved it there!  But after almost two years hubby ended up getting a great job opportunity here...so here we are.  Hubby is from the Philadelphia area and we often talk about heading to the East coast if the opportunity ever arises.  And, I've made some great cyber friends on the East coast...so that would be awesome to get to meet them and hang out!  Well, that is about it.  The only thing left that I can think of is how much I love my mom and dad!  They are in their mid-70's and live about 4 hours away from us.  They have done so much for me in my lifetime and for my son and husband.  They are truly amazing and inspirational people and I love them with all of my heart.