Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Quickie Envelopes

I don't always follow the "proper" ways of making envelopes and just wanted to share my quickie way of doing it.

 Supplies used: pencil, scissors, regular scotch tape, cutter, scoring tools, 2-pieces of cardstock (same color)
 I leave 1.5" (plus a tiny bit extra) around the whole card.
 I mark where I am going to cut and score with a pencil.
 I score the area and erase the pencil marks.
 I put scotch tape on the inside of the score lines so that they don't rip through (especially on thinner cardstock) just for extra support.
 I place the second piece of cardstock on the inner square of the score lines and mark (with pencil)...making it a bit smaller than the square.
 I then mark the tapers for the angled cuts and cut the lines with scissors.
I place two lines of tape with my ATG gun on each side and the bottom and then add the 2nd piece of cardstock.
  Here is the final result.  :)
 When I go to seal it I use my ATG gun and do the double line as well.

Hope you enjoyed my quickie envelope!  
It isn't perfect but it works great when you are short on time!

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