Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paper Christmas Ornaments

Here are some paper Christmas ornaments that I made to exchange at my scrapbook club for October's meet up.  I designed the ornament in Silhouette Studio's Designer Edition.  The holly  leaves are from the Silhouette store and the snowflake is from a Martha Stewart punch (but the shadow of the snowflake and the one snowflake in the first photo are from a file in the Silhouette Store.)  For some reason the white paper for the snowflakes did not cut very well on my Cameo.

Also, I have always struggled with making bows out of ribbon, but I found a way to make them using the wider/wired type of ribbon.  Here are some step by step photo directions on how I did it.


  1. Hello Sweetie

    Lovely ornaments - great for decoration, but also great as a topper on a card... I've decided that my family ones are going to be 8x8 with something quite simple on the front!

    Better clear the desk so I can get the cameo cranked up and working...

    Paula x x x

    p.s. congratulations on your new blog - love the new look; fresh and inviting and makes you want to come and talk about craft....

  2. Oh Sorry

    forgot to mention the bow... very clever way of doing the bow - but looks a bit fiddly to me. I keep to the other way - but it does look nice... OK, I might give it a go....

    Oh - and you have word verification on :O(

    Paula x x x


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