Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Skellybuttons

I was feeling a bit creative last night and decided to try designing my own character in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.  I have taken classes 2 & 3 of the 3Studio/DE classes offered by Kerri Bradford on Jessica Sprague's website.  I really learned a lot from those classes and highly recommend them if you are new to using the Silhouette software (which can be found HERE.)

I made the body of The Skellybuttons and then decided to make different hair and hats for them (male and female.)  I still have more ideas but now I just need more time to put them to work!

Now to share what I created.  I cut one image out and have images available of the other options for The Skellybuttons:

If you have a Cameo or other Silhouette machine...I have the Studio file for free on my facebook group called Silhouette Cameo Paper Crafts.

Thanks for looking!

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